Auto Registration and Insurance Requirements across State Lines

There is an endless list of things to do in preparation for a move to a different state, such as securing housing, finding a job, or selecting a local doctor, among others.  The last thing you need is to be bogged down with additional, but necessary, details and requirements regarding the transport of your vehicle.  Unfortunately, if you intend to bring your vehicle with you, either by shipping or driving, you will also need to research ahead of time registration and insurance requirements for your new location.  A great resource in finding out this information is the destination state’s department of motor vehicles website.  A simple internet search can lead you to the correct page, although you will want to ensure the web-page ends in “.gov” because there are a variety of informative websites not regulated by the government that can give you incorrect information or lead you astray.  You can also ask your auto transport company for help, because they often have a much greater understanding of policy due to extensive past experience.

Some states require that you register your vehicle within 10 days of taking up residency, while others allow you a much more relaxing 90 days to complete the paperwork.  It is important to determine how much time you have, so you do not become subject to fines or other penalties if you miss a deadline.  You will also want to contact your current insurance provider to explore options for transferring insurance over state lines.  Some larger insurance companies may be able to help you transition smoothly if they are also licensed in the state you are moving to.  Otherwise, you may be able to obtain a recommendation from your current provider as to someone who can help get you transferred to a new insurance company.  If you do make arrangements to switch your insurance before the move, your new provider can be a great resource as to the state’s registration requirements.

A reputable and supportive auto transport company can really come in handy, not only for the actual vehicle shipping itself, but also because they can be an asset in other ways during your move.  The knowledge gained from years of experience can be passed along to you, in order to make your life much easier and the move all the less stressful.  Many auto transport companies can even provide helpful paperwork ahead of time, in order to make the registration process move along that much more smoothly.  They can also direct you to helpful resources or local contacts to aid in the insurance process as well.  Proper preparation ahead of your move will make all the difference between a stressful process, and a much easier, worry-free course of action.

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